StringVibe was started by a couple music lovers back in 2015 and has been growing ever since. We aim to teach beginner and intermediate players of the guitar, banjo, ukulele and fiddle a wide range of topics!

We know that learning an instrument can be difficult. It takes dedicated practice over a long period of time to get good. We aim to make our articles easy and quick to read to make your job of learning easier!

We also know that there are a million different instruments out there for a beginner to choose from, and it is very easy to buy a guitar, uke, or banjo that is just to cheap to ever be played well. We spend weeks on our product reviews to make sure you’re making informed buying decisions!

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About our Contributing Authors

Edward Bell

The main voice behind StringVibe, Edward picked up his dad’s Ukulele at 6 years old and has pretty much had an instrument in his hand since.

Along with a degree from the Cleveland School of Music, Edward has played lead guitar, bass, and the 6-string banjo for several bands and in solo ventures.

“I’m lucky, I found my calling in life early. I want to share the joy that music has brought me with as many people as I can”. -Edward Bell

  • Favorite Song: The Weight by The Band
  • Favorite Band: Mumford and Son’s
  • Favorite Instrument: Taylor 614ce

contact: Edward (at) stringvibe (dot) com

Ruby D. Fiorillo

Ruby was born to Italian parents who immigrated to the United States in the 1970s. They brought with them their soon to be born daughter, love for classical music, and the craft of constructing high quality violins.

Ruby has spent much of the last 20 years touring both North America and Europe in a number of Orchestras, playing lead chair for several. More recently, she has started to teach kids and young adults both the fiddle and violin, with interest in spreading the love for both bluegrass and classical music.

“Classical music is timeless and will always have a place in my heart, it was my parent’s music. There is just something fun about a fiddle lead bluegrass band that is irresistible, though!” – Ruby Fiorillo

  • Favorite Song: Beethoven’s 9th
  • Favorite Band: Anything from Natalie MacMaster
  • Favorite Instrument: Maestro Old spruce Strad Violin

contact: Ruby (at) stringvibe (dot) com.

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