Artistworks Review: The Best Online Music lessons for Beginners?

Say whatever you will about the internet, but it has opened up some amazing opportunities that weren't available to anyone before it's invention. This includes the world of music instruction, where Artistworks Guitar lessons have given us a chance to social learn from some of the best instructors in the world. 

So, what is Artistworks all about? How are the lessons given, what guitar types do they cover, etc? We'll answer all your questions below in our detailed review! 

​When we first heard the term "music campus" we were skeptical. That sounds like quite a claim for an website. We were wrong. Artistworks covers almost all popular instruments in multiple styles of play. If you want to play an instrument in a certain genre of music, chances are that Artistworks has a program for you. 

Unlike other music lesson platforms, Artistworks is based heavily on being a community. Through the video exchange setup you are not only able to send your instructor videos to get their feedback, but you can watch other submissions to get tips and tricks from people who may be around the same level (or slightly ahead) of you. 

ArtistWorks Guitar Instructors

To add to the community aspect there are forums, live chat, and a very active Facebook group. Learning an instrument without a support system can be difficult, and this really eliminates that hurdle. 

Another thing we will say about this program is that it's obvious they cater to players of all skill levels. They have all the beginner lessons that you'd expect to see but then also a TON of material for intermediate or advanced players. For example, the Rock Guitar program has 24 intermediate and 32 advanced lessons. 

ArtistWorks, Inc is a paid program and has a fairly limited selection of free material to test out. That being said, they do offer a wide selection of payments. You can choose to pay month to month, or in 3-12 month subscriptions that will save you money. 

So, now that we have covered the basics of what the program is, lets get into our review of Artistworks!