The Best Electric Guitar Body Blanks Buying Guide!

guitar body blanks

There are thousands of electric guitars on the market today. Most are mass produced and anything but unique. Want to build a custom guitar that is your own and unique? That’s where the electric guitar body blanks comes in! Body Blanks give luthiers and DIY enthusiast a fun way to craft their own custom instrument … Read more

The Best Humbucker Pickups For Any Electric Guitar!

best humbucker pickups

Gibson guitars get their legendary sound in large part from the humbucker, so it makes sense you’d want to have the best humbucker pickups on the market on your guitar, right? Buying a stock guitar, especially an entry level guitar, will generally leave you with cheap pickups that have a thin, tinny sound that don’t … Read more

Best P-90 Pickups For Any Electric Guitar!

best P-90 pickups

The P-90 pickup has often been referred as the middle ground between the single coils and the humbuckers. Our choices for the best P-90 pickups mean that you’ll have the very best on the middle ground on your guitar! The P-90 is versatile, so you can do quite a variety of sound on your electric … Read more

Best Single Coil Pickups For Your Electric Guitar!

best single coil pickups

It is important to have the best single coil pickups mounted on your Telecaster or Stratocaster. These are legendary guitars and deserve pickups of equal status. Using a body kit to build your own guitar? Not happy with the pickups that came with your instrument? Or just simply looking for a project for one guitars? … Read more

When Is It Time to Replace Guitar Amp Tubes?

replace guitar amp tubes

Picture This: You are on stage setting up equipment for a gig and something just doesn’t sound right. Often, the culprit is a bad tube in your amp. So, when is it time to replace guitar amp tubes? Many new musicians aren’t even familiar with the inner workings of a tube amp. Tube amps use … Read more

50 Easy Guitar Solos for Beginners to Learn!

Easy Guitar Solos

If you are a beginner guitar player and want to know how to play easy guitar solos, this article is for you. The article will provide tips on playing solos as well as a list of 50 easy guitar solos that beginners can try. Maybe you have been playing the guitar for a year or … Read more

Neck vs Bridge Pickups – Electric Guitar Basics Guide!

neck vs bridge pickup

When playing an electric guitar there are a lot of components that effect sound. The location of your pickups is near the top of that list! So, neck vs bridge pickups? Which is better? Pickups are responsible for transmitting the sound vibrations to the amp to produce sound, so obviously they are important! The answer, … Read more