The 4 Best Electric Banjo for 2021 Buying Guide!

best electric banjo

Banjos are a fairly loud instrument naturally. What do you do when you need to make them louder? You make them electric! Just like we have for many other banjo variations, we shopped around for the best electric banjo so you don’t have to! As the banjo gains widespread acceptance many popular bands have started … Read more

The Best Left-Handed Banjo Buying Guide!

Best Left-handed Banjo

Let’s face it. The world was made for right-handed people in mind. This is especially true when talking about music instruments, with almost all instruments being made for righty’s. With that in mind, we wanted to look out for the best left-handed banjo currently on the market. Luckily many of the best manufacturers have started … Read more

Banjo vs Mandolin: Comparing the Banjo and the Mandolin!

banjo vs mandolin

There are SO many stringed instruments out there, many new musicians aren’t certain of the differences between them. The guitar is so well known and popular most people can pick them out, but some of the others, not so much. The banjo, the mandolin, and even ukuleles are often confused. This article focuses on the … Read more

The Best 4 String Banjo for Beginners: Buying Guide

best 4 string banjo

Picking out a banjo can be difficult, especially for a beginner or intermediate player. You’ve got different lengths, styles and string counts. Even once you narrow it down to a 4-string banjo, you have options. When choosing the best 4 string banjo you still have a wide number of options available to you! We like … Read more

Easy Banjo Songs For Beginners – Pickin’ In No Time!

Easy Banjo Songs

As a beginner on any instrument you are going to want to play songs as quickly as possible. This article will give you a handful of easy banjo songs to start your journey with! These easy banjo songs are great for clawhammer banjos, bluegrass jamming, learning scruggs style, and many more techniques and types of … Read more

The Five Best Banjo Brands that Make a Great Instrument

Best Banjo Brands

Buying a stringed instrument is tough. Buying a banjo is arguably the hardest of all to shop for. We want to help, that’s why we’ve assembled this list of the best banjo brands.  These companies ​are known for durability, affordability, and quality. There are other great Banjo’s out there, but by starting with these brands … Read more