The 4 Best Comfortable Guitar Straps Money Can Buy!

Any guitarist who performs on stage will tell you having a few comfortable guitar straps can be a lifesaver, especially in longer gigs. It doesn’t matter if you play electric, bass, or acoustic, you want a strap that won’t wear on you after an hour or two.

Looking for the best guitar strap is not nearly as fun as looking for a new amp, a new guitar, or many other accessories, but it might be the best purchase you ever make! (other than the guitar, of course!)

We’ll get straight to our choices for the top 4 most comfortable guitar straps, then we’ll jump into a buyers guide so you have an idea what we are looking for when we shop guitar straps!

The Most Comfortable Guitar Straps

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Want more detail on each of these straps? You got it!

Levy’s Leathers Right Height Guitar Strap with RipChord Quick Adjustment

The first choice on our list is the Levy’s Leathers Adjustable guitar strap. We love the fact that even though this strap is 3″ wide, it is extremely comfortable and breathable due to the slit in the middle. Most 3″ straps feel suffocating! If you want something that will last the test of time, is nice and stable, and will be as cool as possible, this strap is for you!

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Fender Broken-In Leather Strap, Brown 2.5″

Our top pick for most comfortable guitar strap is the Fender Broken-In Leather Strap. Crafted from oiled leather and adjustable from 46″ to 54.5″, this guitar strap feels like it’s been worn for years from the moment you put it on.

For the price, this strap simply can’t be beat. We have 3 of them on different instruments!

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KLIQ AirCell Guitar Strap for Bass & Electric Guitar with 3″ Wide Neoprene Pad

Neoprene is a fairly new material to the guitar strap world, but it adds an interesting option. Using KLIQ’s AirCell technology, this strap offers unmatched padding. It is also super comfortable thanks to the 3″ wide design. If you play a heavy instrument then this is the best guitar strap out there for you as the extra cushioning comes in handy.

This strap comes in a wide range of colors to suit your style and is washable, so over time the neoprene won’t start to stink!

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Ernie Ball Imperial Paisley Purple Jacquard Guitar Strap

Our pick for the best comfortable guitar strap is from Ernie Ball. Long known for making top end guitar strings and accessories, this strap is durable, comfortable, and won’t cost you much!

Grab a strap from the same company that equipped world class players like Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Slash, Jimmy Page, and Buddy Guy! You have a ton of options for style and color here so we are sure you’ll find one that vibes with you!

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Guitar Strap Buying Guide

We would argue that after the guitar, the guitar strap is one of the most important pieces of equipment a guitarist can invest in, so it is important to get one you like, that fits, and is comfortable.

Not only does the strap allow you to play in a variety of positions, it offers protection from dropping your instrument. Even for those who tend to sit down more often than not, a guitar strap helps keep the instrument in place so you can focus on making music.

Our decisions when choosing the best comfortable guitar straps really depends on three things, quality, comfort and style.

We didn’t include any cheap guitar straps on this list because they tent to lack in durability and often they will slip and slide on your shoulders, meaning that on stage you may be adjusting your guitar rather than focusing on playing.

The guitar straps that we like tend to be made out of pre-worn leather or neoprene and are 2-3 inches wide. The really nice straps tend to incorporate things like memory foam, metal buckles and extra padding. These things are luxuries that make longer playing sessions much eaiser for your back, shoulders and neck to handle.

Lastly, style. While style doesn’t have anything to do with comfort or durability, as guitarist most of us care a great deal about style. A classic leather strap is a cool look to add to any look, while some of the offerings, like the Ernie Ball, come in a range of designs and colors that will help your strap stand out.

The Final Note

Chances are you spent a decent amount of money on your guitar. It’s an investment worth protecting and while playing a high-quality, comfortable guitar strap is one of the best ways to do that. Hopefully you’ll agree with us on our top 4 picks, but if not, the guitar strap buying guide should have left you with plenty of information on them if you want to shop at your local guitar store!

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