The Best Double Neck Guitar – When One is Not Enough

We all know what a guitar looks like, right? You might be surprised to know that there are a lot of variations you may not even know about, including double neck guitars! What is this instrument, and what are the best double neck guitars for a player looking to expand their collection, repertoire, and skill set?

In this article we’ll give you four great options to choose from when buying your first double neck guitar, cover why you may want to play one, and what famous guitarists have played one!

But first, what the heck is a double neck guitar, anyway?

The Best Double Neck Guitar

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What is a Double Neck Guitar?

A double neck guitar is a guitar that simply put has two different necks. The electric double neck guitar has 12 strings on the first neck and 6 on the second neck. This type of guitar features two fingerboards. It is beneficial for playing multiple different sounds in one setting.

The player of a double neck guitar can essentially switch instruments in the middle of his performance with this handy type of guitar. The instrument allows for versatility and sound that would otherwise only be achieved by switching instruments in the middle of a set. There are various different reasons why one might choose to employ a double neck guitar in his or her performance.

Double neck guitars also give off a very unique sound even compared to a regular 6-string electric guitar. They emanate with a resonance that fills the room. We we’ll discuss the function and practicality of the double neck guitar in more detail below.

 The Best Double Neck Guitars

Here is a quick rundown of our favorite choices for your first double neck guitar. Most come in shapes that you’ll recognize, just smashed together and doubled!

Ovation Celebrity Collection Double Neck Guitar

We start our list with the Ovation Celebrity Collection Double Neck Guitar. This double neck guitar features incredible wooden embellishments that resemble flames that resembles many Spanish guitars.

The guitar is a rustic red in color, with accents of orange tan and varying shades of wood. The shape of the guitar is beautiful and it stands out as a piece of visual art.

The pros of this guitar is that it is visually beautiful and also that it offers a resounding sound. Additionally, it features a comfortable shape to be held in the hand and with the arms while playing.

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The cons are that it is not easy to move around while. It also is too large to maneuver conveniently when traveling. The back of the guitar is also made of plastic, rather than a sturdy wood.


  • Standout Color and Design
  • Super Shallow for Easier Play
  • Twin Cutaways
  • Slim Neck Design
  • Maple Top and Nato Neck Wood


  • Plastic Back
  • Heavy

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Ovation Richie Sambora Signature

This is one of the finest double neck guitars out there. Any guitar bearing Richie Sambora’s name should be, though, shouldn’t it!?

The wooden embellishments on this guitar are similar, if not identical to those on the previously mentioned. The difference is that this guitar is a stunning black in color. The top neck of the guitar has 12 strings and the bottom fingerboard of the guitar has six. It is a lovely piece that also plays very well. You will be sure to enjoy playing a musical number on this specific double neck guitar.

The pros of this guitar are that it is easy to hold in one’s hand and against one’s body. The shape of the guitar conforms well to having to hold up both necks and the body of the guitar. Another pro to this guitar is how aesthetically pleasing it is. It also produces a sound that carries well.

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This guitar, like many double necks, is a bit heavy to carry. It is best designed for seated playing or with a neck strap. Lastly, there is very little space between the two necks.


  • LyraChord Body and Back Material
  • Spruce Top and Maple neck
  • Classic Ovation Look with the Multi Sound hole
  • Top notch built in electronics


  • Space between Necks is very small

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Dean GS DBL WBS Double Neck

Dean Guitars hits the list with this humbucker pickup SG double neck that is an absolute bargain!

This, perhaps the best looking double neck guitar, is a classic SG electrical guitar, but with double the fun! The color of this double neck guitar is all black. It is a pleasure to look at, as well as to play.

The pros of this guitar are that the sound is impeccable and it is also visually pleasing. This guitar has a classic rock and roll aesthetic that is sure to please the eye. It also is easy to hold while playing.

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The cons of this particular guitar is that it is especially large, making it a little bit difficult to maneuver if standing while playing. Additionally, it is only one color being monochromatic. Also, it lacks embellishments or designs on the front of the guitar.


  • Mahogany Body and Neck
  • C Shaped thin neck design
  • DMT Series Pickups
  • Super Light at 10lbs
  • Phenomenal Value


  • Not the innovative design we’d have expected from Dean Guitars

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SG Double Neck SYXMSM

This guitar is a classic SG by all means. Much like the previously mentioned guitar, it is a classic all black aesthetic that won’t appeal to everyone, but we dig.

As what some claim is the best double neck guitar, it is shaped like a classic SG electrical guitar, except for that it has two necks. As with most double neck guitars, the top neck has 12 strings and the bottom neck has 6.

The pros of this particular guitar are that it is classic in appearance. Some people claim that this is the best double neck guitar. It also is easy to hold because it is not especially oversized. It can easily be played while standing up. You also may use this guitar without a strap, since it is so easy to hold.

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The cons of this guitar is that it is limited to only the 12 and 6 strings. Additionally, some might find the neutral all black aesthetic as a bit dull. It doesn’t have any embellishments or designs on the front. It also must be dusted or cleaned frequently as dirt spots will show easily on the black exterior.


  • Classic SG Appearance
  • Body, Back and Sides – Mahogany
  • Case Optional
  • Super light for a double neck


  • Fairly unknown brand

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Who Plays a Double Neck Guitar?

Such a unique and difficult instrument probably has a fairly select group who will play them, right?

Double neck guitars are normally played by musicians performing guitar solos or need to switch instruments quickly. Additionally, one-man bands or bands who are limited to only one guitar player will often utilize a double neck guitar. This is a frequent and very much applicable application for the double neck guitar.

Probably the most famous guitar player to utilize the double neck guitar was Jimmy Page, whose Gibson EDS-1275 is legendary and used for songs like “Stairway to Heaven”.

Throughout the years the double neck guitar has shown up in the hands of Don Felder from the Eagles, fusion pioneer John McLaughlin, both guitarists from Rush, B.C Rich of Guns n’ Roses, and Richie Sambora for Bon Jovi. If you haven’t seen the rendition of “Dead or Alive” played at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards… stop and watch the video below:

The Final Note

So, did you find your next instrument? While we listed some of the best double neck guitars you can find, we did stay on the cheaper end of the price range. You can easily spend $5000 or more on a Gibson, but if you are we are guessing you’re not reading this article!