The Best Gifts for Guitar Players You Can Find – 2018 Edition




best gifts for guitar players

Just like any hobby or occupation that tends to have a devoted following, guitar players can be difficult to shop for. Gifts for guitar players could end up being used hundreds or even thousands of times. Or, they could sit in a drawer or a closet collecting dust. 

Regardless of the time of year, be it a birthday, graduation present, or Christmas gift, we’ve got a number of awesome ideas for you to gift to the guitar player in your life. 

If you’re in a pinch for time we’ve thrown together a quick guide for our favorite gift in each price range, check it out below: 

Gift Idea



Nomad Universal Cleaning Tool

Guitar Gifts Under $10


Ibanez MTZ11 Multi Tool

Guitar Gifts Under $25


GS7561 Multi-Guitar Stand

Guitar Gifts Under $50


GO-DPS Guitar Accessory Pack

Guitar Gifts Under $100


Want to see the rest of our list? Good! We’ve got 46 great guitar gift ideas that in many cases will make the recipient just as happy as the 4 top guitar gifts we picked for the table above. 

Now, to make the browsing a little easier we’ve divided the article into four sections based on price. You can browse the whole list or just jump to the price range you’re looking for! 

Quick NavigationBest Guitar Gifts Under $10Best Guitar Gifts Under $25Best Guitar Gifts Under $50Best Guitar Gifts Under $100Expensive Gifts For Guitarists 

Now, there is one gift that all guitarists will love that we didn’t put on this list. Simply put, a new guitar!

Now, you don’t have to spend thousands on a new instrument, there are lots of great instruments for under $500. To check out our recommendations, we’ve got lists for both Acoustic and Electric guitar players!

Best Guitar Gifts Under $10


Nomad Cleaning Tool

This is the simply the best stocking stuffer or add-on gift you could get a guitar player. Any guitar player who has been playing a while will have things like tuners, extra strings, etc. but not may will have a tool to clean their equipment with. 

This versatile tool can clean the guitar strings, hardware, and body without any expensive solution. Plus, it’s also washable and can be used for electric, acoustic, bass or other stringed instrument. 

Nomad Cleaning Tool GiftCheck Pr​ices!Snark SN5X TunerCheck Pr​ices!

Snark SN5X Tuner

There is a reason the Snark name brand has become synonymous with electronic tuners. They made a very high-quality, inexpensive, portable model.  

If you want to spend a few extra bucks you can get a tuner like the SN-2 which comes with an added mic sensor where the SN5 just comes equipped with a vibration sensor. Generally speaking though, if you need an inexpensive gift this is a tuner that any musician will be happy with! 

Donner DC-2 Capo

You can buy a TON of cheap, poorly made capos for under $10. Or, you buy the Donner DC-2 which is made out of Zinc Alloy and a steel spring that is perfectly calibrated as to not put too much pressure on the neck of the guitar. 

It comes in four different colors and come with a lifetime warrenty. If your guitarist doesn’t have a capo, this is the perfect gift to add to his or her collection! 

Donner DC-2 CapoCheck Pr​ices!D'Addario Guitar Picks Assorted PackCheck Pr​ices!

D’Addario Assorted Picks

One thing a guitar player can never, ever get enough of, is picks. If a musician has been playing a while then they probably know what picks they like and the D’Addario’s may not be the best bet. 

However, a new guitar player will love these as a gift. They will probably be lost LONG before they wear out and will give a new musician plenty of time to find out what thickness and style they fell most comfortable strumming with! 

Ernie Ball Phase 1

If the musician you’re shopping for is just starting to play guitar than this is the first book you want to get them. Ernie Ball is one of the most famous string makers in the biz, so you can’t go wrong with this book. 

Guitar Books as gifts are always a good idea for newer players since each one approaches the subject slightly differently. You can also pair this with the Phase 2 book to set your new guitar player with days worth of material to learn. 

Ernie Ball How to Play GuitarCheck Pr​ices!

Best Guitar Gifts Under $25

Ibanez MTZ11 Multi ToolCheck Pr​ices!


Ibanez Multi Tool

How many guys do you know that walk around everywhere with their swiss army knife with tons of different attachments for any situation. 

Well, The Ibanez Multi Tool is like that, for guitarists. With 11 different setup tools in one pocket sized package. This is an awesome gift for guitar players especially because it’s not something most will already have but we guarantee it is one that they will use daily!

Hang’em High Wall Mount 

This is one of the coolest gifts you can get for a guitar player who wants to show off his favorite axe. There are a lot of different wall hangers, and some cheaper than this one. But the Hang’em High gives the guitarist options as to what angle the guitar will sit at. 

A benefit that is a bit hidden…. it’s a lot more secure than many of the single arm options!

Hang'em High Guitar Wall Display MountCheck Pr​ices!On Stage XCG4 Guitar StandCheck Pr​ices!

On Stage Guitar Stand

Another way to display a great guitar, this one is a little more common and less showy than the wall mount style we showed earlier. 

This simple but solid guitar stand comes in a mat black finish with non-slip rubber end caps to make sure the guitar sits still and won’t scratch up the finish. It also has a very handy height adjustment feature and lock cable to keep the neck of the guitar secure even if the stand is bumped. 

Faswin Padded Gig Bag

If your favorite guitar player wants to take his or her instrument anywhere they are going to want a case. 

Now, if they are going to be traveling a lot you may want to opt for a hard shell, but if it’s local or not very frequent then this padded bag has everything they need. 6 pockets, a guitar strap, and pick sampler make this stylish black bag something your guitar lover will really enjoy receiving as a gift! 

Faswin 41in Acoustic Guitar Gig BagCheck Pr​ices!Fender Guitar Tee ShirtCheck Pr​ices!

Guitar Apparel

No surprises here. Guitar players love to rock their favorite brands apparel to show their support. Regardless if you want to get a shirt, hat, sweatshirt, or other gear, most companies will give you plenty of options. 

Fender is a good place to start, but guitar makers like Gibson, Gretsch, Ibanez, Taylor, Yamaha, Washburn and Martin all make perfect guitar gear for gifts!

Best Guitar Gifts Under $50


Multi Guitar Stand 

For many of us, guitars are like tattoos. You can’t just have one. 

If the guitar player you are shopping for has more than one guitar already, and seems to have a ton of other accessories and toys to match, maybe a place to put them all is the best route to go! 

GS7561 Foldable Multi Guitar StandCheck Pr​ices!PocketStrings Guitar Practice ToolCheck Pr​ices!

Portable Practice Tool

The perfect guitar gift for the musician who never has enough time to practice playing. This learning tool goes anywhere. Simply slide the protective case down and you have 6 strings and a fretboard to work with!  

A big complaint about this product is that it doesn’t “feel” like a true guitar neck. That’s true, but if your goal is to practice chord shapes and changing between them, this is a great on-the-go tool!

The Beatles Book 

The Beatles brought the electric guitar to the world. They changed the music of their generation and have been loved by millions since. This book is the best collection of the events, songs, places, and people that made them who they are. The author is also the only authorized biographer for them. 

Not a Beatles fan? You can find great Hard-Cover books like this for many popular bands that make amazing gits!

The Beatles by Hunter DavisCheck Pr​ices!Vinyl Art Display FrameCheck Pr​ices!

Play and Display Frame

Music just sounds better on vinyl. Ok, that is just our opinion, but those who agree with us love their vinyl collections. 

What better way to display some of your favorite albums than by putting them on the wall. Many other ways of displaying your records will damage the cover or make it extremely difficult to get to the album to play. This is the perfect solution for both problems and something many collectors need!

Donner Power Supply 

Many electric guitar players have an assortment of different guitar pedals to help them make different effects while performing. Each one needs power…. 

The Donner DP-2 is the newest version of the highly rated original DP-1 power supply. Higher output current means better output for your pedals. This supply also comes with the 10 cables you’ll need to plug in the pedals. 

Donner DP-2 Guitar Pedal Power SupplyCheck Pr​ices!

Best Guitar Gifts Under $100

Guitar Accessory PackageCheck Pr​ices!


Guitar Accessory Pack

This is one of the best gifts you can grab someone new to playing the instrument. It combines many of the items we’ve included on this list and puts it into one great package.  

Acoustic or electric doesn’t matter, this pack was made for both players alike. This one gift will set your new guitarist up with everything they need!

Personal Drummer 

Regardless of skill level having something to provide rhythm is a great help for a guitarist. For a beginner it can be a vital learning tool to make sure their strumming is in time. 

For more advanced players, this hands free tool allows them to simulate different time signatures that normally would be difficult without a drummer being involved. 

Singular Sound Beat BuddyCheck Pr​ices!Rocksmith Video GameCheck Pr​ices!

Rocksmith 2014

Learning guitar can be very, very difficult. It requires a LOT of practice. Even then, if you’re not practicing the right things in the right order you can increase the time it will take! 

We think that is why Rocksmith has become so popular. It makes practicing fun and it organizes lessons and adapts to your skill level to make sure you are always a little challenged, without making things impossible! 

Boss RC-1 Loop Station

Loop stations are such a great investment for any musician who practices alone most of the time (who doesn’t?). 

This little powerhouse is convenient as it’s a foot pedal and affords you 12 minutes of single stereo looping. This is great to create or build songs and play with your other pedals and any effects you’d like to add. This is a bit of a special gift for electric guitar players who are playing their own music. 

Boss RC-1 Loop StationCheck Pr​ices!Heet Sound PluseBow Plus E-bow for GuitarCheck Pr​ices!

E-Bow for Guitar

This one of those pieces of a guitar players arsenal that most people simply don’t know about. It’s a powerhouse of sound that simply is overlooked. 

The E-Bow allows a guitar to produce sounds it normally doesn’t. It gives you the ability to produce infinite sustain and mimic the tones of many woodwind and horn instruments. If your favorite guitarist doesn’t have an E-bow get them one, you’ll open up a world of new sounds for them! 

Expensive Gifts For Guitarists 

Want to really make a splash this year? Is the only thing that your loved one is asking for is a high end piece of guitar equipment? We are not going to give out specific ideas in this section, more like general ideas. 

This not only gives you more ideas for what to buy, but allows you to shop for the perfect item too. These gifts range anywhere from a little over $100 and for many you could spend thousands. 


Also known as sound modules, these powerful little devices give you an amazing amount of customization for your favorite music. Many of them allow for recording as well, so you can play a track and make certain pieces REALLY stand out. 

Roland JP-08 Sound ModuleSee Options!Fender Guitar AmpsSee Options!

Electric Guitar Amp

All electric and bass guitar players need an Amp. Professional artists spend thousands of dollars to make sure the sounds they are playing are amplified as loud and as clean as possible. 

The kid in your garage probably doesn’t need anything that nice (or loud). This is one of those things that we do recommend you spend a little extra on though, as it is so important to the quality of sound. 

A New Guitar

All guitar players have one thing in common. The guitar.

Most of us are obsessed with what instrument we play and jump for the opportunity to play something we haven’t yet gotten our hands on. 

Not only that, but very few guitar players we know have a just a single guitar. You can check out prices or reviews on Amazon or looking our recommendations more. We’ve got great articles for both Acoustic and Electric options! 

Acoustic GuitarSee Options!

There you have it! Everything you need to know to but the perfect gift for the guitar player you know and love. 

The best part about this is it’s VERY hard to mess up a guitar gift. As long as it’s something they use, will use, or would like to use, you are golden! This list makes sure that those boxes are checked and you can sit back and relax.

Did we miss a gift for a guitar player that you think should be on this list? Did you receive the perfect present recently and want to share? Leave it in the comments below! 

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