The Best Solid Body Electric Ukulele for 2020

So, you love the incredible sound and feel of a ukulele, but need more than that? Well, why not acquire the best solid body electric ukulele? There are a lot of benefits to playing an instrument like this, and it is unique enough to stand out from others!

Whether you want something portable, want to sound more like the best electric guitarists, or only want to experiment with a new sound, adding a solid body electric ukulele to your collection is a fantastic idea. Read on to find out more about the best solid body electric ukuleles that perfectly suits your needs.

Best Solid Body Electric Ukulele Comparison



Fender Fullerton Telecaster Ukulele

  • Telecaster look

  • No-Tie bridge

  • Fender pickup and preamp 

LAVA U Carbon Fiber Ukulele

  • Inovative playing options

  • Great style

  • Space Case included

EleUke Ukulele

  • Bluetooth technolog

  • Travel freindly

  • Active Preamp

Electric Enya Nova U/BK EQ 23”Cutaway Ukulele Kit

  • Amazing Sound

  • Great Design

  • TransAcoustic Pickup System

Fender Fullerton Telecaster Ukulele

Taking after Fender’s historical guitar body shapes, this ukulele guarantees a solid electric thrill that is hard to find in the uku world.

This Fender Fullerton is a tribute to classic guitar styles rather than to the traditional ukulele aesthetics and construction, and it adheres to the manufacturer’s history of quality.

Just like many full electric guitars, the tone and volume controls are controlled from separate knobs.

The bridge is also a nice feature, especially compared to traditional ukulele bridges that need unique knotting. The Fender Fullerton comes with a no-tie bridge that makes it effortless to change the strings as well.


  • Telecaster Body Shape
  • No-tie Bridge
  • Fender-designed Preamp System
  • Nickel Hardware


  • Non-traditional Ukulele

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LAVA U Carbon Fiber Ukulele

With the included patent pending carbon fiber, you can go with this ukulele to any destination, from Iceland to the driest Desert. The ukulele is designed to sound perfect in temperatures ranging between -4°F to 140°F and areas with humidity that ranges between 10% and 90%.

Some of the best features about this ukulele include turning it ON with a single finger. You can also play it with no cable needed, the integrated FreeBoost technology uses the back of the instrument as a speaker.

Lastly, you have a wide range of color options to choose from with the Lava U Carbon Fiber Ukulele.


  • Ability to change the sounds effects with one finger
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Unique, Incredible playing experience
  • Comes with Custom Case


  • Fairly high cost

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Enya Nova U/BK EQ 23”Cutaway Carbon Fiber Beginner Travel Ukulele Kit

This ukulele’s entire body comprises a high grade, durable construction, and two pieces of carbon fiber. Besides being easy to clean, the ukulele is also water-resistant.

The custom carbon fiber design gives the Nova U a brighter sound, which ensures that you have a much better self-resonance as you play. While it will never be mistaken for a wooden instrument, the sound is still phenomenal.

Since it’s portable and lightweight in nature, you can play it from any location, from the beach to the gardens. Moreover, the TransAcoustic Pickup system boosts the ukulele’s performance and fun.

The TransAcoustic pickup system that was first developed by Yamaha allows the sound chamber to produce different effects without petals or external pickups. Lastly, this instrument comes with a gear kit that includes a gig back, extra strings, a strap and a capo!


  • Incredibly lightweight and durable
  • TransAcoustic Tech from Yamaha
  • Gear kit
  • Great Value


  • Lacks a traditional look or sound

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EleUke Peanut Bluetooth Ukulele

One of the most unique ukulele size and shapes on the market today, the EleUke Peanut is a perfect example of how technology is influencing instrument design. Coming in both Soprano and Concert sizes and four different finishes, there is a lot to like about this funny little instrument.

The Bluetooth feature on the EleUke allows it to be connected to your phone, giving endless options for unique sounds and creating music. You an also use headphones with this feature to keep your playing muted during quiet times!

The biggest downside to this uke is that it is only compatible with your phone, right now it can’t be hooked up to traditional speakers.


  • Lightweight, Fun Design
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Great value


  • Bluetooth can’t be used with Speakers

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Solid Body Electric Ukulele Buying Guide

There are several factors that affect the general performance and quality of an electric ukulele. However, for this buyer’s guide, we have narrowed down the essential features that you need to consider when buying the best solid body electric ukulele. Here are the factors to consider:

Build Quality

Maple is typically the top-notch material used on most musical instruments. Besides, mahogany and spruce serve as good options. It is essential to note that the laminate and wood used when designing the ukulele body has an impact on its overall durability, performance, and sound.

So, if you opt for the low-quality plastic, laminate, or wood, you will undoubtedly experience issues with the tone, pitch, as well as the stability.

The Size

Generally, you will find a minimal difference in sizes as you shop for the best ukulele. Well, this is perhaps due to the resonating space in every ukulele. The ukulele that has the most significant size typically offers the loudest resonating sound.

Nonetheless, the instrument’s grip has a role to play when it comes to determining the loudness of the resonating sound. So, if you have a small grip, you may need to compromise some of the resonance to enable you to handle the instrument in the best way possible.

Electric-acoustic or Electric

If not plugged in, an electric-only ukulele emits little to no sound. On the other hand, an electric-acoustic ukulele offers you the freedom to select whether you need to plug your ukulele to the amp or not.

The Onboard Electronics

The onboard electronics gives you the freedom to regulate equalization and volume and offers you the ability to enjoy a built-in tuner. However, these inbuilt features are only present in the premium models. So, as the price of the ukulele increases, the number of onboard electronics increases as well.

The Final Note

Solid body electric ukes are definitely a newer, and interesting segment of the overall ukulele market. While you probably want to go with a more traditional beginner instrument if you’re just learning to play, these ukes can be a fun variation or addition to your collection if you’re an experience musician!