The Best Violin Brands for 2021 – Fiddle Brand Reviews

best violin brands

Regardless if you call yourself a fiddler or a violinist, before buying a new instrument you’ll want to know what the best violin brands are so you can make an education buying choice! By the time you are an advanced player you are going to have seen and experienced enough that you probably won’t need … Read more

The Best Fiddle for Beginners or Those on a Budget

Fiddles for Beginners

​The Best Fiddle for Beginners is not exactly accurate. This list actually has three extremely good options for you.  They are very comparable instruments overall, but you (or your teacher) may have a brand preference or like the accessory package of one over the other two. ​ Cecilio CVN-300 Mendini MV500+92D BunnelPupil​ Type AcousticAcousticAcoustic Tonewoods Spruce/Maple Maple … Read more