The Four Best Beginner Bass Guitars and Buying Guide!

best beginner bass guitar

Considering the popularity of the guitar, the bass is a bit of an offshoot. That doesn’t mean it isn’t important though, and especially when looking at the best beginner bass guitars. A new bassist has enough to worry about learning, picking a good instrument shouldn’t be something they need to spend a lot of time … Read more

Best Locking Tuners For Every Guitar Type

best locking tuners

When you are buying a guitar, there are a lot of things that will catch your eye and draw your attention before the tuners do. We are going to dedicate this article to the best locking tuners, since they are actually a very important part of your instrument. Many newer players don’t know the differences … Read more

The 4 Best Comfortable Guitar Straps Money Can Buy!

best comfortable guitar straps

Any guitarist who performs on stage will tell you having a few comfortable guitar straps can be a lifesaver, especially in longer gigs. It doesn’t matter if you play electric, bass, or acoustic, you want a strap that won’t wear on you after an hour or two. Looking for the best guitar strap is not … Read more

The Best 12 String Guitar Buying Guide

best 12 string guitar

Many of the most influential songs of the last 60 years have one thing in common. They were played on a 12 string guitar! With many beginners picking up a guitar for the first time wanting to play their favorite music, wanting to buy the best 12 string guitar for beginners is a natural step … Read more

The Best Mini Electric Guitar Buying Guide!

best mini electric guitar

Do you travel a lot? Are you looking for an electric guitar for your child? Do you have exceptionally small hands that make full size guitars hard to play? Getting your hands on the best mini electric guitar you can might just be a perfect option for you! While not perfect for everyone, 3/4 guitars … Read more

The Best Double Neck Guitar – When One is Not Enough

best double neck guitar

We all know what a guitar looks like, right? You might be surprised to know that there are a lot of variations you may not even know about, including double neck guitars! What is this instrument, and what are the best double neck guitars for a player looking to expand their collection, repertoire, and skill … Read more

The Best Lap Steel Guitar Buying Guide!

best lap steel guitar

A guitar style that has faded in popularity since the 50’s, the best lap steel guitar still can light up a room! Rock n’ Roll and the invention of the electric guitar really dampened lap steels usage, but they have continued to make appearances in Western Swing bands. Occasionally you’ll even see a musician like … Read more

The Best Guitar Wall Mount And Hangers Buyers Guide

Guitar Wall Mounts

Guitar wall mounts and hangers are a phenomenal way to display and store your favorite instruments. They also tend to be relatively inexpensive. That doesn’t mean you want to pick up any cheap option though! There are a handful of things you want to watch for and know about when you are shopping for guitar … Read more

Best Nylon String Guitar: Classical Guitar Buying Guide

best nylon string guitar

When many people think of an acoustic guitar they picture a steel string model. After all, these are generally the ones we see in popular music. The best nylon string guitars will give these instruments a run for their money though, and have a longer, more storied history than the steel string version. Nylon String … Read more