The Best Solid Body Electric Ukulele for 2020

Best Solid Body Electric Ukulele

So, you love the incredible sound and feel of a ukulele, but need more than that? Well, why not acquire the best solid body electric ukulele? There are a lot of benefits to playing an instrument like this, and it is unique enough to stand out from others! Whether you want something portable, want to … Read more

Make your own Ukulele – Best Ukulele Kits for 2020

make your own ukulele

There are hundreds of brands making Ukuleles right now. Which one should you buy from? Tough question. Instead of shopping around endlessly, why not make your own ukulele? This is an option that many don’t even consider, but can be a fun, rewarding experience. If you’re not a woodworker or a carpenter this could seem … Read more

The Best Banjolele for 2021: Hybrid Banjo Ukulele Buying Guide!

best banjolele

Music is such an integral part of our daily lives, many experiences are defined by the songs that were playing. This results in many people loving musical instruments and wanting to learn one. This article introduces to you a fantastic hybrid instrument known as a Banjolele and we will highlight the best banjolele models available … Read more

The 4 Best Ukulele Stands in 2020

best ukulele stands

The ukulele is, of course, one of the prized members of the lute family whose four nylon strings bring pleasure to an growing following of fans throughout the world. One of the few problems people normally have with the ukulele is where to put it when not in use… enter the best ukulele stands! With … Read more

The Best Electric Ukulele Buying Guide – 2020 Edition!

best electric ukulele

With the ever-growing popularity of the electric ukulele we think we understand how the acoustic world felt when the Beatles took the world by storm. Afterall, 30 years ago the ukulele had yet to gain the mainstream attention it has now, and even 10 years ago it was played primarily acoustically. With the ukes rise … Read more