11 Easy Violin Songs for Beginners to Master




Easy Violin Songs

Learning the Violin or Fiddle is no different than any other stringed instrument. When you first start it seems like there are hundreds of things you need to remember and execute all at once to make the instrument sound right. Finding simple fiddle music and easy violin songs can help overcome this challenge by using only a few basic chords.


Another benefit to many of these songs is that they are popular and familiar to most people. This will make it easier to identify the correct sounds and rhythm patterns, even to an inexperienced fiddler.


Now, we’ve done this violin lesson using chords since we believe it’s easy for beginner violin players to learn this way. If you want, though, you can definitely find all these songs written out for violin sheet music as well. 



What Makes an Beginner Fiddle or Violin Song Easy?

The lack of frets on a violin and fiddle is often one of the most challenging parts of learning notes, chords, and songs. Easy Violin songs for beginners need to make movement around the neck as limited as possible.

The fewer chords that can be included, the better. We included mostly 2 or 3 chord violin songs on this list so beginner fiddle players wouldn’t be overwhelmed!

Lastly, the bowing on all of these songs can be started slow and steady. Easy violin songs don’t have extremely complex bowing patterns that give a beginner one more thing to think of. Simple chords and simple bowing makes for success!

Easy Violin songs for beginners

While many will argue about the difference between the fiddle and the violin we are going to treat them as one instrument for the purposes of this article. Just know that if we say fiddle you can assume we mean violin, and vice versa.

With that being said…. on to the songs!

1. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

This is one of the easiest Fiddle or Violin songs for beginners because it is only three chords to play and is easy to learn. The finger movements are much more natural than many other songs and will be easy for new musicians to perfect.


2. Away in a Manger

Away in a Manger is a traditional violin song for the Christmas season that uses easy chord movements and should be at the top of anyone’s list of  beginner songs for a fiddle player to learn. It is simple to learn and easy to practice on a daily basis as once you get the base chords down, you will be able to play it in no time.


3. Hot Cross Buns

Now this song may seem a little silly for adults to play, but when trying to learn the basics of violin playing, this is the perfect song to go to. That being said, the kids generally love learning to play this song. It uses only three chords and is very repetitive which makes it the perfect practice song.

4. Mary Had a Little Lamb 

This is a classic that will always be considered on a list of easy Violin songs. It is a breeze to learn, and it allows the violinist to learn how to slowly work their way up the scale. Not only does it share the same chords as you’ll find on Hot Cross Buns, it is relatively repetitive, and uses the same three chords throughout the song.


5. When the Saints go Marching

When speaking of Violin songs for beginners, this one is almost always a contender. It can be a rather fast paced song, but you can work your way up to that without compromising the quality of the song. The finger movements are not too difficult to learn and the song is easy to adapt to.

6. La Bamba

If you’ve thought our list was a little generic, boring, or for an older audience don’t worry, La Bamba is a fun and up beat song for beginner violinists to learn. We also know many violin teachers who prefer to teaching beginner violin songs like this to ‘freshen up’ their lesson plans!


While this is by no means a traditional fiddle song, it’s one that everyone will know and is extremely popular. On top of that, it is quite easy to learn and will sound impressive to friends. It does contain tuplet groupings which is a slightly harder arrangement than some songs on the list, and will push the violinist to learn and get better at the art of violin playing.

7. America the Beautiful written by Katharine Lee Bates

This song has a very slow tempo and is a great song to use to practice your scaling. The finger movements can get a little tricky towards the middle of the song, but other than that it is a relatively easy song to learn. It will also allow the violinist to learn how to play softly but also precise.



8. Old McDonald Had a Farm

This classic children’s song is one of the easiest songs to learn for beginner fiddlers because it only uses five notes throughout the whole song. It is a great start for someone who wants to learn the basics and is a natural progression for someone who has already perfected Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.


9. The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round.

Another classic beginner song for rookie violin players. It only uses a few notes and the finger movements are almost as simple as the finger movements for Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. The biggest benefit to this song is that it teaches the violinist how to change tempo without using difficult notes.

10. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

One of our personal favorites, this song is great for someone who wants an easy way to learn the basic chords and finger movements but doesn’t want to limit themselves to children’s songs and Christmas Carols. Somewhere Over the Rainbow is a classic from the movie the Wizard of Oz and is fun for adults to listen to as well. Got a friend who plays ukulele? This is a favorite for beginner ukulele as well! 

11. Happy Birthday to You

Last but not least, Happy Birthday is an easy song to play and can also be fun to utilize when showing off your new skill. It only uses a couple of chords and the notes are easy to follow. It can be played at a fast tempo or a little bit slower if you are still uncomfortable with the speed. This is also a beginner’s favorite because, it is a fun way to learn and there are plenty of occasions to play it for groups!


The Final Note

There you have it! 11 easy violin songs that can help you learn the instrument while picking up some classic favorites, nursery rhymes, and rock hits. If you prefer tabs, check out fiddle tablature!

This list could be expanded quite a bit with songs like the Wedding March, Morning has Broken, The Game of Thrones and Star Wars themes, Amazing Grace so feel free to look at the rest of our Fiddle and Violin section for more ideas!

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