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You sit down to practice with your instrument, what fiddle accessories would make this easier? You have your instrument and your bow but can’t seem to find a convenient spot for your music. What about when you’re not playing? Does your fiddle sit on the floor, on a chair, or does it lean on a wall? A case might be nice! How about items that will help you take care of your instrument and make it last the test of time?

Other than the fiddle and the bow there are a lot of items that will either make playing easier or help you care for your instrument. Having a list of the most common of these items will let you know which ones you want or need right away, and which ones can wait!

We did not include the different components of your fiddle as accessories, things like tuning pegs and bridges. If you need to replace components on your fiddle you can learn more about each part of the fiddle.

Common Fiddle Accessories

These are by no means the only fiddle accessories that you can get for your fiddle, but they are very common and some of the first ones we reach for! Don’t have a fiddle yet? Check out our list of the best beginner fiddles before you start shopping for accessories!

1. The Bow

The fiddle bow is the most basic of the fiddle accessories. This accessory is the single most important piece you’ll have other than the fiddle itself. when you’re playing. The most common bow in this category is also the most popular in the fiddle community at large – the Fretless Bow or “Fretless” Bow. You will find this one among beginners and intermediate players alike.

The quality of the bow is based on the hair attached to the string, the proper tension of the hairs, and your skill in applying the correct pressure to the strings in the correct areas of the neck of the fiddle! Our favorite violin bow for beginners and intermediate players is this one:

Kmise Violin Bow Stunning Fiddle Bow Carbon Fiber for Violins (4/4, Black)
  • Crafted using advanced molding techniques,the violin bow is constructed of carbon fiber and other modern materials,delivers a new level of performance way,beyond that of traditional wood construction
  • The way that this violin bow transfers string vibration to your fingertips makes you feel at one with your instrument, facilitating technique and enhancing personal expression
  • This violin bow looks great,thanks to an eye-catching abalone inlay and Parisian eyes.It is resistant to temperature and humidity, allowing you to play anywhere without any adjustment
  • The superior balance and lightning-quick response you get from this violin bow are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You can feel every nuance of your playing as each string vibrates through it
  • Give this Kmise violin bow a try , you’ll never look back and use a wooden bow again!

2. Shoulder/Chin Rest

If you’re playing a fiddle you’ll be looking at shoulder rests, Violinist, on the other hand, will want a chin rest. In theory, these are simply a piece of plastic that attaches to your instrument by the tailpiece.

Both shoulder and chin rest should make holding your instrument more comfortable and help keep it in place. Try several out before you buy, each one will feel slightly different and fit your body differently. This is definitely a fiddle accessory that can make learning the instrument more comfortable as the awkwardness is the biggest complaint I get from beginners!

Fiddlerman Wood Violin Shoulder Rest for 4/4 and 3/4 with Collapsible and Height…
  • THE PERFECT FIT: The Fiddlerman Violin Shoulder Rest includes height adjustable feet for a custom fit. The feet are also collapsible for easy storage in violin cases.
  • WORKS FOR VIOLINS AND VIOLAS: Designed to fit 4/4 and 3/4 Violins but can also fits 13″ and 14″ Violas.
  • BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED: The solid wood body of the shoulder rest is specifically crafted for a warm resonance and is built to last through years of Violin playing.
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT: Each Violin shoulder rest is built with premium foam padding for maximum comfort and excellent support.
  • SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE: We pride ourselves in providing 100% satisfaction. Every Wooden Shoulder Rest includes a 12-month fully covered warranty via Fiddlershop!

3. Music Stand

As you start to play long, complicated pieces of music you’ll need to have sheet music or chord charts in front of you. Nothing is more convenient than having a music stand that you can adjust and move into your line of sight.

This doesn’t have to be specific to the fiddle, any music stand should serve the purpose here. You can also find stands for tablets and other sorts that work just as well and you may already have them lying around your house! If you’d like our recommendation, we like versatile music stands that are portable and have a light to make the music easy to read.

Donner Sheet Music Stand with Light, DMS-1 Portable Metal Music Stand, Tabletop…
  • Adjustable and Flexible: Flexible height adjustment from 16.5 inch to 57 inch for your height needs. 2-in-1 vertical and table use is easy to switch, suitable for schools, orchestras, choirs, church bands, classrooms.suit for school, orchestras, choirs, church bands, classrooms.
  • Portable and Foldable designed: Black foldable bookplate and steel music stand is very easy to carry and stock, and come with a carrying bag for long-term or temporary use.
  • Highest Quality Materials: 22.9 inch diameter base with rubber feet for quick and easy opening and closing, and a high quality height adjusting handle and desk knob.
  • Sturdy and Durable: Bookplate is made of tough ABS and can withstand 12 pounds of heavy objects such as books/computer/projector. The shaft and legs are made of high-strength tubular steel, which ensures the stability and durability of the music rest.
  • Extra Accessories: Come with music stand light, USB cable(power for music stand light), black carrying bag and music sheet clip holder. 【Recently, Donner upgrade its logo. Due to the difference of production batches, the Donner logo on the product you received may be different. However, the quality, material and craftsmanship of the products are the same and guaranteed as always. We apologize for the confusion caused.】

4. Mute

Not all of us have big houses or practice studios in which to practice. Enter the mute. A small accessory that can make practice in your apartment or shared space doable. The Mute simply attaches to your bridge and dampens the vibrations from your strings, this makes the fiddle quieter and softens the tone it does produce.

5. Electronic Tuner

Yes, you can tune using a tuning fork, or based on the tuning of another instrument you know is in tune. The simple fact is that today electronic tuners are so small, accurate, and affordable it’s just easier to have one! We recommend Snark Tuners which are very accurate and inexpensive, but KLIQ and Fender both make good models as well!

Snark SN-8 Super Tight All Instrument Tuner
  • Super Tight Tuning
  • Faster
  • Brighter EZ Read Display
  • Display Rotates 360 degrees
  • Tap Tempo Metronome
  • Pitch Calibration and Transpose Features

6. Extra Strings

One of the ultimate truths of playing any stringed instrument is that the strings will break. Any prepared musician will have an extra set with them, even if they are just an old set. You have plenty of options when it comes to strings. Classical players will often choose real gut strings, but metal strings are more durable and in many cases sound just as good.

7. Case

Many instruments will come with a case, especially as the price of the Fiddle increases. If it doesn’t come with one, or if the case you’re given is softshell, it’s a good idea to upgrade to a nice case. Not only will a good case protect your investment, but it can be a great storage location for all the other goodies we are recommending!

With Fiddles and most stringed instruments, we do recommend a hard case as the best way to protect your fiddle!

SKY 4/4 Full Size Professional Oblong Shape Lighweight Violin Hard Case with…
  • Brand New luxurious oblong violin case, desirable features yet it is lightweight and durable.
  • Interior and exterior accessory compartments, two bow holders and adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Suspension cushions that keep the violin centered so as to minimaze the impact on instrument.
  • Features hygrometer, full length music sheet pocket on top this case with strong zippers.
  • Case comes with a matching blanket.

8. Rosin

Rosin a substance made from pine trees that should be applied to your fiddle bow as needed. By coating the hairs on your bow with Rosin it will enable a firm contact between the two surfaces, greatly increasing the sound you’ll get out of the instrument. To apply simply rub the entire length of the hairs over the Rosin 15-20 times.

What Accessories Do You Need To Play Violin and Fiddle?

To play a fiddle or a violin there are a few things that are vital. You will absolutely need the instrument itself and a bow. Things like rosin, chinrests, and shoulder rests are all up to personal preference. In some cases, you have multiple choices, but for the most part, the accessories come down to those two.

I always advise my new students to get a case and a music stand, but those are fiddle accessories that really won’t affect their ability to play! Rosin will make the bow sound better and strings last longer, so it’s strongly advised as well.

The Final Note

Do you have a Fiddle accessory you can’t live without? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below! We are always hearing new ideas and ways people are using everyday items to make their fiddling more enjoyable!

If you’re not sure about the fiddle bow or the neck of the fiddle we dive into great detail in both of those articles that will help you greatly!

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