9 Great Gifts for Ukulele Players in 2018!

"Gifts for Ukulele Players" updated 7/21/18 

The good news about shopping for your favorite ukulele player is that ukulele gifts are generally not hard to find, or that expensive in most cases! 

In this article we'll break down the different type of gifts that your average ukulele player will enjoy or need. Many uke players don't have a case for their instrument, for example. This is a great present! Something they will enjoy and use for years to come. 

Now, one obvious thing that we left off this list on purpose: A Ukulele! 

If the person you're shopping for is new to the instrument and has yet to purchase one you'll probably want to jump over to our article recommending ukuleles!

The Best Gifts for Ukulele Players

If you already have an idea what you'd like to purchase for your ukulele enthusiast then we've included a quick link table for you below. 

If not, browse through our ideas, we've recommended something from each category that we know will be a great choice and should take some of the guess work out of shopping!

Ukulele case

A ukulele case is very important for the safety of the ukulele. If one travels a lot, they will need a hard case for extra protection of the ukulele. A good case is very strong but light for ease of transport with straps that can be adjusted to suit anyone carrying it, regardless their size.  The inside should be fitted with a thick padding to allow the ukulele sit snugly with little wiggle room. An outside pouch for keeping other accessories is a nice addition too, but far from mandatory. 

Lastly, make sure you are buying the right size case! With four common sizes you will want to make sure that the case will fit the Ukulele they already have! 

Our Recommendation:
Featherlight Polyfoam Case

This is the type of case we love! Lightweight, durable, and secure, with the added bonus of extra storage for all of your capos, extra strings, and tuners! 

The case we've linked to is for a Soprano Ukulele, which is the most popular size. If you need a different size at least this gives you an example of the type of case we recommend! 

A Shoulder Strap

Despite the fact that the ukulele is very light and can be played without a shoulder strap, many players like it as it adds to their comfort and stability when playing the ukulele. The best strap gives the players a chance to strut their ukuleles when standing.

Straps are made mostly of a woven cotton or a soft leather, although many materials can and have been used. A strap also gives a player a chance to showcase their unique style!

Our Recommendation:
Muke Adjustable Strap

This cotton strap has everything you could ask for when shopping for a ukulele strap. 

Made of cotton, it is lightweight and both ends are made of a durable leather. It can also be adjusted up to 49'', which should be long enough for even the biggest adults.  

Last but not least, it's bright colors are perfect for the cheer a ukulele normally brings!

Instructional DvDs/CDs/Courses

Once someone has their Ukulele it's time to learn how to play it. Unfortunatly, this is a troublesome step for many. While the ukulele is not the hardest instrument to learn, it is still a task that will take hours of time. 

There are lots of good ways to help a player learn. The most expensive route is to hire a tutor locally, assuming you have a good one. Another, and one we recommend, is to check out an instructional course like Ukulele Buddy. Finally, you can buy a book or a CD. This is a great option if you're not sure the person will stick with the instrument! 

Our Recommendation:
Absolute Beginners 

The CD/Book combination is authored by Stephen Sproat, an expert in playing ukulele with a program on BBC Radio before. It provides Step-by-step images which take one beginning the first-day practice to the ability to play a backing track.

The bonus CD is a nice addition so that the person learning can try to replicate the picture, then play the CD to check if it sounds the same! 

Ukulele picks

When deciding how to strum a Ukulele you have two basic choices, you can use your fingers, or a pick. Both have different sounds and benefits, picks are easy to use and make ukulele playing less tiresome. ​

It is advisable for a ukulele player to have at least one pick with him. Because ukulele strings are generally softer than guitar strings we don't recommend using anything harder than a soft plastic pick! 

Our Recommendation:
BoloPick Felt Pick

These are some of our favorite ukulele picks, they are smaller and softer than many you can find, which we find easier to hold.

This pack comes in a 3mm thickness which is fairly standard.

You can also find a TON of color options to suit the taste of even a picky uke player! 

Polishing Cloth

In the course of using ukuleles, they become dirty and ought to be cleaned. Polishing cloths are a very soft fiber cloth that not only cleans the face of the instrument but also removing gunk and build-up that can dampen the sound. We really don't have a recommendation here, just find a nice microfiber cloth and it will do the trick! 

Ukulele Tee Shirts

Who doesn't like representing an activity they enjoy, especially in stylish digs that will stand out from any crowd. There are hundreds of great ukulele t-shirts to choose from, so you can find the perfect tee shirt! 


One thing you can always count on with a stringed instrument: The more you play, the more changing strings you'll be doing. This is normal and just simply caused from wear and tear that occurs as they are fretted.

A Ukulele player will be pleased to receive a spare set of strings, especially if you know what type to get them! We have a full article for recommendations on the best of the best ukulele strings.


Capos are more commonly found in the world of playing guitar, and not all ukulele players own one or feel they need one. Nevertheless, it may be fun trying them out in the ukulele. It could very well be something a newer ukulele player wouldn't even consider, and therefor a great idea! 

While a guitar capo will work for a ukulele, we recommend a uke specific capo to make sure the tension is not to high and because they are much smaller. 

Our Recommendation:
Planet Waves PW-CP-12 

Easily one of the nicest ukulele specific capos that we have ever used. The Planet Waves PW-CP-12 NS Ukulele Capo pro has it all. 

The tension knob is finely tuned so it's easy to get the perfect lock down of the strings without risking breaking them. This also helps prevent fret buzz and keep the instrument in tune!

Microphone/Sound Amplifier

The vast majority of ukuleles are made acoustically and therefor have a hard time amplifying themselves for a big audience (or over drunk Uncle Bob at the family Christmas party). 

If you've got a loved one who has been playing a while and wants to perform or play at get-togethers this is a great little present. You can get small little amplifiers that stick to the face of an instrument near the sound hole to let the notes ring loud and clear!

Our Recommendation:
Sunyin Pickup Microphone

Simply the best small amplifier/pickup we could find. The Sunyin mini has volume control and an easily accessible output. 

This microphone is also nice because its easy to install thanks to a self-adhesive backing that doesn't leave any gunk or markings when removed.

The best part: It's a lot less expensive than you'd think! 

Wrap Up

There you have it! 9 great gift ideas for ukulele players of all skill levels and experiences! 

Did we miss something you think should be included? Do you think you may want to give them a new Ukulele instead? Check out our full list of reviews and other information in our ukulele guide!