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This probably doesn’t come as any surprise to you, but the guitar is extremely popular. In fact, when the question “How many people in the world play guitar” on Quora, the number 50 million came up a lot! Granted, there is plenty to dispute about that estimate, but even if it’s close it is a staggering number.

With that in mind, StringVibe’s guitar guide sets out to be a place where guitar players of all levels, but especially beginners, can come for great information that will help them learn to play, buy quality instruments, and get advice not available elsewhere.

We’ve broken our guitar guide into different sections and links to articles on different topics. Just below this paragraph you’ll find quick links to the different major subjects.

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Now, if you’re not sure what you’re looking for or none of the major topics caught your eye, we’ve provided some quick information on each topic. Read through the rest of this guide until you see something that peaks your interest!

Guitar Buying Guides

Unfortunately, because the guitar is so popular there is a lot of noise around it (excuse the pun).

There are probably literally thousands of very low quality, ‘budget’ guitars that can be purchased. The problem with these instruments is they produce poor sound, don’t stay in tune, and break or wear down quickly.

So while you think you’re getting a deal you’re actually just getting a guitar that will need to be replaced far before it should need to be. In the long run you spend more money on two or three bad guitars than you would have on one quality instrument!

We also realize that many guitar players, especially newer players, may not want to invest a ton of money before they learn to play.

That’s where these articles come in. We’ve done everything we could to find fairly low cost, high quality options that anyone will be happy with and will last far beyond the ‘beginner’ stages of guitar.

best acoustic guitar under 500Best Electric Guitar for BeginnersBest Guitar For Rocksmithbest gifts for guitar players




Learning Guitar Articles

You’ve got your instrument, you’re excited, now it’s time to learn to play! So, how are you going to do that?

There are a lot of things to learn when beginning to play guitar. You’ve got chords, notes, strumming, rhythm, and songs…. just to name a few!

A new guitarist also is offered a wide selection of ways to learn all this stuff. You can learn from a local teacher or club, free online resources, or even paid online courses.

We’ve tried to cover pieces of all of these aspects, and while most of our information does fall into the free online resources, a lot of the other styles of learning are touched upon at least a little bit!

Acoustic guitar string notesTune your GuitarChord Change SpeedBass Guitar NotesLearning Guitar Notes




Popular Songs, Riffs and Scales

Many people get the idea to learn guitar by thinking to themselves how cool it would be to play some of their favorite songs. We totally get it.

Maybe your guitar teacher told you to work on some scales before your next meeting. We’ve got you covered. Want a guide to bass guitar riffs to learn first? No problem.

One thing we will say, don’t spend all your time here! Learning guitar (or getting better at it) takes time practicing skills like strumming and chord changes just as much as it involves playing songs over and over! Sure, you can learn by just playing songs, but if you spend time on drills it will reduce the learning curve!

best guitar solosEasy Acoustic SongsBass Guitar RiffsLearning Guitar Scales



Guitar Gear

The most obvious piece of guitar gear is your guitar, but after that… well that is when the fun begins. The options for guitar gear are almost endless, especially for both the electric and bass guitars.

Some of the less flashy items are things like strings, tuners, gig bags, and even cleaning kits. Then you get to the really fun stuff. Stickers, pedals of all sorts, amplifiers and microphones, soundboards, etc.

This is one section of the site that will probably keep growing for years and years to come, there is simply so much to talk about! So, enjoy the content we’ve got published right now and come back for more in the near future!

Difference Between Guitar PicksAcoustic-Electric StringsBass Guitar Strings Guide



Parts of the Guitar

One thing that beginners never seem to get enough education on is the parts of their instrument. Maybe it’s because they are so focused with learning to play, chords, etc.

We think this is a huge oversite. It is extremely beneficial for all guitarists to know their instrument inside and out. This will give you more power to upgrade certain features, troubleshoot problems that may develop, and help whenever you’re ‘talking shop’.

So with that being said, here are our different guides for each type of guitar so you can truly know your instrument!

Custom Bass Guitar BuildingParts of an Acoustic GuitarParts of an electric guitar


Other Guitar Related Content

We simply didn’t know what to call this category. I guess you can call this the island of broken toys… err guitars, whatever.

Goal of a Bass Guitar PlayerFrom Ukulele to Guitar


Wrap Up

Did we miss an article that you think we need to write? Is there a topic you’d like to see more of? Please contact us or comment, we’d love to hear it!

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