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StringVibe's Guitar Guide

This probably doesn't come as any surprise to you, but the guitar is extremely popular. In fact, when the question "How many people in the world play guitar" on Quora, the number 50 million came up a lot! Granted, there is plenty to dispute about that estimate, but even if it's close it is a staggering number. So, we've put together a guitar guide that breaks all the information we've written about so it's easy to find! 

With that in mind, StringVibe's guitar guide sets out to be a place where guitar players of all levels, but especially beginners, can come for great information that will help them learn to play, buy quality instruments, and get advice not available elsewhere. 

We've broken our guitar guide into different sections and links to articles on different topics. Just below this paragraph you'll find quick links to the different major subjects. 

Now, if you're not sure what you're looking for or none of the major topics caught your eye, we've provided some quick information on each topic. Read through the rest of this guide until you see something that peaks your interest! 

Guitar Buying Guides

Unfortunately, because the guitar is so popular there is a lot of noise around it (excuse the pun). 

There are probably literally thousands of very low quality, 'budget' guitars that can be purchased. The problem with these instruments is they produce poor sound, don't stay in tune, and break or wear down quickly. 

So while you think you're getting a deal you're actually just getting a guitar that will need to be replaced far before it should need to be. In the long run you spend more money on two or three bad guitars than you would have on one quality instrument! 

We also realize that many guitar players, especially newer players, may not want to invest a ton of money before they learn to play. 

That's where these articles come in. We've done everything we could to find fairly low cost, high quality options that anyone will be happy with and will last far beyond