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Lanikai Ukulele

One name that is fairly common in our world is that of Lanikai Ukulele. Backed by Hohner, a company known for its production of high-quality harmonicas and accordions, Lanikai has developed a reputation for quality and affordability. 

Most know the Ukuleles from Lanikai for their very good selection of beginner​ and intermediate models. This only covers half of it though, as Lanikai has a full range of quality instruments that any ukulele lover will enjoy.

The Lanikai Hawaiian-made Solid Koa line of Ukuleles holds its own with any other instruments you’ll find.​ In fact, many of the high-end Lanikai Ukes are made in Hawaii even today. 

Lanikai also has some very innovative technology that you won’t find with any other brands. The Intonation Innovation technology allows you to move the nut up and down the neck, allowing you to play open chords anywhere! The Kula-equipped models come with a three-band EQ, making switching between low, mid, and high range as simple as could be. The Kula preamp also comes equipped with a tuner which makes one less item you’ll need to carry in your gig bag. Finally, the UkeSB models make recording yourself playing as easy as plugging a USB cord from your instrument to your computer!

In this article we’ll talk about the four different sizes that Lanikai make in the ukulele, then we’ll review different Lanikai ukuleles from each of these sizes!

Lanikai Ukulele Sizes​

Lanikai is like many of the larger Ukulele brand manufacturers in that they cover all the popular ukulele sizes, plus some hybrid models like the banjolele. What are the popular sizes? Glad you asked! We will cover the four main sizes and then give you our Lanikai ukulele reviews!

Lanikai Soprano Ukulele​

The smallest of the offerings from Lanikai is the Soprano. They make it in both the standard “8” shape and the popular pineapple shape as well. Just because they are small doesn’t mean they lack in quality or features, though! You can find the TunaUke, the UkeSB, and the Kula EQ setup on these models. 

Lanikai Concert Ukuleles​

The concert ukulele size is the perfect starting point for many. It’s not as small and fragile as the soprano, yet still holds true to many of the traditional Ukulele qualities. This is often the size that I recommend for adults who are picking up the ukulele for the first time.

Like all of their sizes, you can go with something simple, like the Lanikai MAS Ukulele which we show below to the left, or an instrument that is stage-worthy like the MASCET, pictured below and to the right. The MAS is a wonderful first instrument for both kids and beginners alike, while the MASCET is a joy to play and any artist would be happy with this instrument.

Lanikai, 4-String Ukulele, Chrome (MAS)
41 Reviews
Lanikai, 4-String Ukulele, Chrome (MAS)
  • EXPERIENCE CLASSIC SOPRANO TONE: Get ready to be enchanted by the beautifully crafted Lanikai MA-S soprano ukulele. Made from mahogany, it delivers that timeless soprano uke tone we all love.
  • PLAY WITH COMFORT: We’ve made playing the MA-S even more enjoyable with a wider nut and neck, providing a comfortable and relaxed experience for players of all levels.
  • RESPONSIVE ROSEWOOD FINGERBOARD: Whether you’re strumming chords or showing off your lead skills, the gorgeous rosewood fingerboard offers incredible response and playability.
  • SUPPORTING YOUR TONE: The NuBone nut and saddle add that extra touch of support to the already rich and resonant mahogany body, ensuring your ukulele sounds its best.
  • STYLISH AND VERSATILE: The MA-S features a beautiful cream binding that perfectly complements the mahogany body, adding a touch of elegance to your playing. Plus, the chrome die-cast tuning machines keep your uke in tune, so you can focus on creating beautiful music.

Lanikai, 4-String Ukulele, Chrome (MASCET)
  • CLASSIC TENOR TONE: The Lanikai MAS-CET is a masterfully crafted tenor ukulele made from all solid mahogany, producing a warm and mellow sound that captures the essence of the beloved tenor ukulele tone. Prepare to be enchanted by its rich and resonant melodies.
  • ENHANCED PLAYABILITY: Experience ultimate comfort while playing the MAS-CET. The wider nut and neck design ensure a smooth and enjoyable playing experience, allowing your fingers to effortlessly glide along the beautiful rosewood fingerboard. Whether you’re strumming chords or showcasing your lead skills, this ukulele offers exceptional responsiveness.
  • STELLAR AMPLIFIED TONE: When you’re ready to take the stage, the MAS-CET is equipped with Kula electronics, delivering stellar amplified tone that will captivate your audience. Let your music soar to new heights and experience the full power of your ukulele’s sound.
  • VERSATILE AND COMFORTABLE: The comfortable neck profile of the MAS-CET accommodates a variety of hand sizes, ensuring that every player can find their perfect fit. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned musician, this ukulele will feel like an extension of your musical expression.
  • AESTHETIC ELEGANCE: The walnut binding adds a touch of visual allure, complementing the mahogany body with a beautiful contrast. This ukulele is not only a delight to play but also a stunning piece of art that will captivate all eyes.

Lanikai Tenor Ukulele

The Tenor sized Ukuleles tend to be the most popular in today’s market. They are the great compromise between size and sound. Lanikai is well aware of this and generally produces the most selection in this size. As of the writing of this article, they have 19 different models to choose from. 

Lanikai Baritone Ukuleles​

In many ways, the baritone ukulele is the “mini” guitar. It’s very similar to the size of a travel guitar and because of this has a much deeper sound. If you are a guitar player this may be the perfect size to transition to. Start by tuning it to the highest 4 strings of your guitar and slowly work to comfort with the traditional Ukulele tuning. 

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Lanikai Ukulele Reviews

This wasn’t easy. Lanikai has so many quality instruments that it is hard to pick a bad instrument. We’ve picked out a winner and a runner-up in each category and we’ve tried to spread out the price range so every budget has a great choice! Each of our reviews was done by several people, so you are getting a well-rounded opinion on each instrument!

Lanikai Soprano Ukulele Recommendation: Lanikai ACSTS Acacia Soprano

Lanikai, 4-String Ukulele, Chrome, Soprano (ACSTS)
  • SOLID ACACIA TOP: The Lanikai ACST-S is crafted with a solid acacia top, bringing you warm and delightful soprano ukulele tones that will put a smile on your face.
  • ENHANCED COMFORT: Experience comfortable playing with the ACST-S’s wider nut and slightly wider neck, allowing you to strum and fingerpick with ease, making every moment enjoyable.
  • BEAUTIFUL WALNUT FINGERBOARD: The walnut fingerboard offers a smooth and responsive feel, inviting you to explore your musical creativity, whether you’re strumming chords or playing mesmerizing melodies.
  • OPTIMAL TONE SUPPORT: Thanks to the NuBone nut and saddle, the ACST-S provides excellent tonal support, enhancing the already rich acacia body and ensuring your uke sounds its best.
  • YOUR VERSATILE COMPANION: Whether you’re hosting intimate jam sessions in your living room or enjoying breezy nights by the beach with friends, the ACST-S soprano ukulele delivers exceptional playability and a tone that will captivate your heart.

The Acacia wood used for the top of this instrument not only produces a wonderful light, springy tone for this instrument, but the wood grains are really eye-catching. Not a flashy instrument, this Soprano probably won’t turn too many heads until you start playing it!

Lanikai makes the necks on their smaller ukuleles a little wider than standard, which is great to help to finger difficult chords and shapes. We think this makes the instrument much more beginner-friendly. Not to say better players won’t enjoy this instrument, the sound quality and tone make this great for experts as well. This was by far the top Lanikai Soprano Ukulele reviewed!

Runner Up:  Lanikai MAS Ukulele

The perfect Ukulele for a kid or as a first instrument. The MAS used to be the LU-21, which has always been one of our entry-level recommendations. This instrument provides plenty of quality to last while not carrying a significant price tag. 

Lanikai Concert Ukulele Recommendation:  Lanikai Solid Acacia Concert Ukulele

Lanikai Solid Acacia Concert Ukulele, Satin Finish, Case, ACS-C
  • Solid Acacia Body
  • Solid Acacia Top
  • Satin Natural Finish
  • Flame Maple Binding
  • Strap Buttons

It is hard to be a class look and wood tone, which makes the solid Acacia possibly our favorite Lanikai as far as looks go. As we mentioned above, the Acacia wood used for this instrument sounds amazing and we wish more ukulele brands would use it!

While the price tag likely makes it more than many beginners will want to spend, any musician will love to have this in their bag. This instrument rivals anything you’ll find from Kala, Martin, Luna, or other mainstream ukulele makers!

Runner Up: Lanikai MAC Concert Ukulele

We pictured this Ukulele above when talking about the size of the Concert Ukes, One of our favorite Lanikai’s for the price-sensitive musician (Aren’t we all!). Classic and high-quality, I have recommended this instrument to many students and the reviews are always positive!

Lanikai Tenor Ukulele Recommendation:  Lanikai Blue Quilted Maple Tenor Ukulele   

Made from Quilted Maple and stained an ocean blue, this tenor ukulele is the first we’ve shown to offer the top-of-the-line Fishmann EQ that Lanikai often puts on their acoustic-electric models. Just like the Solid Acacia we listed above, this is a phenomenal instrument that even professional-level musicians will enjoy.

An 8-string slotted headstock design and no-tie bridge pair with a naturally finished walnut neck and fretboard for a great instrument that will see plenty of stage time. Keep an eye out for it, not that it will be easy to miss!

Runner Up: Lanikai Legacy Collection 8-string Tenor

The closest thing you’ll find to a 12-string guitar, the depth of tone and range of sound this instrument produces is amazing! 8 String Tenor ukuleles have been getting rave reviews lately and we are seeing more and more pop up. We love and fully support the trend!

Lanikai Baritone Ukulele Recommendation:  Lanikai QMNACET Baritone Ukulele

A classic look and stain finishes this maple ukulele. The QMNACET is equipped with a cutaway to make the lower frets more accessible, and Fishmann electronics to make it sing! The Walnut fingerboard feels great under your fingers and as with so many other Lanikai ukes, the classical guitar headstock adds a style to the instrument.

There are a lot of good baritone ukuleles on the market today, but we the sound, look, and feel of this instrument has me putting it on my Christmas list for this year!

Runner Up:  Lanikai ACST Baritone Ukulele

Another amazing Solid Acacia Ukulele from Lanikai, if you don’t want the cutaway or the electronics of the QMNACET, you will love the simplicity and light, fun sound of the ACST!

The Final Note

Lanikai Ukulele has a rich history and a well-deserved reputation for quality. Add in their impressive line of innovations and goal to keep the ukulele fun and you’ve got a manufacturer you can trust! 

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