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Learn To Play Banjo

Learning to play any stringed instrument can be difficult. Trying to learn to play banjo is no different. In fact, the banjo might be a little more difficult than something like the guitar or ukulele, both of which have a ton of good information for you to look at online. On top of that, the banjo has that weird 5th string, the ‘drone’ string, which other instruments don’t have! 

Especially with the pandemic finding a local banjo teacher isn’t always possible, but even before that the number of banjo teachers is much less than many other instruments. 

We decided to looking into the best banjo lessons online to help you learn to play the banjo from the comfort of your own home and on your own time schedule! 

Online Banjo Lessons: Our Recommendations

1. Noam Pikelny - Artistworks

Want to learn Banjo from a 3-time Grammy Nominee? Ya…. sounds good to us too! 

Noam Pikelny teamed up with Artistworks to provide a complete banjo course that is amazing for beginners and intermediate players looking to improve. 

The best part of the ArtistWorks platform is that it allows you to submit videos directly to Noam. He will review them and give you feedback himself!! Not only that, but with your subscription you get access to a library of Noam giving feedback to others who may be facing the same problems as you! 

Learn to play banjo online with one of our favorite music learning platforms and from a elite banjo player, Noam Pikelny! 

2. Udemy

We were actually pleasantly surprised to find the quality of banjo lessons that we did on Udemy. With so many courses being offered we weren’t sure what we were going to find! 

We found two different creators that made really good lessons. Both Francis Long and Christopher Ryan Elliot had courses we tried out and enjoyed. 

Maybe the best part of Udemy Banjo courses is that they aren’t super expensive! They cost a little each, but for that investment you get a laid out lesson plan that is easy to follow and take a step at a time. This is also great if you’re not 100% sure you want to learn the instrument, or how much time you will have to invest! 

3. YouTube

You can find just about anything on YouTube, and banjo lessons are no exception. 

There are some decent lessons online, especially if you just want to learn the chords for a particular song you enjoy. The problem is many of these lesson are low quality, with poor sound, and done by people who are obviously new to teaching. 

The big benefit of YouTube is that it is free! There are plenty of people who have taught themselves how to play an instrument from free lessons on YouTube or other platforms. It’s not the easiest or quickest route, but it’s definitely the cheapest! 

Final Note: Learn to Play Banjo

Get a jump on the process of learning to play banjo with these online banjo lessons! We’ve given you three options here, all of which have their strong points! 

Have a course or program for learning the banjo that we missed or you want us to take a look at? Send us an email and we’ll do our best to look into them and add them to our list if the program lives up to our expectations!