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Learn To Play Fiddle

Learning the Fiddle and the Violin presents a difficulty that the other instruments we cover don’t have to deal with. Namely, the lack of frets! This can be amplified when learning online since you don’t have someone to look at your hand placement on the instrument. 

There are also quite a few “Bad” programs, teachers, and lessons floating around the internet that don’t make the task of learning fiddle any easier. 

To help you overcome this, we’ve shopping around and looked into as many Fiddle Lessons as we could find. We scouted as many online fiddle lessons, violin software programs, and teachers as we could to find programs we could stand behind. 

Our Recommendations: Online Fiddle Lessons

1. Red Desert Violin

Possibly the most complete Violin and Fiddle course online, Red Desert has so much to offer for a fiddler of any skill level. 

One of the best parts of Red Desert is the free material they offer. This material will help you with common problems and give you tips on tone, rhythm, and getting the most of all your practice sessions!

If you are looking for an online fiddle or violin teacher to start your journey, or even if your an intermediate player looking to get better, this is a great resource for fiddlers and violinist of all skill levels!

2. ArtistWorks Fiddle and Violin

ArtistWorks is a music teaching platform that covers a TON of different instruments by bringing in high end instructors for individual courses. 

For Fiddle, that means you get to learn from Darol Anger himself! A founding member of the David Grisman Quintet and has been playing professionally since he was 21. 

darol anger fiddle 2

So not only is your instructor a world class fiddler in his own right, but you get to submit him videos for feedback as well. With ArtistWorks Interactive Lessons setup you can actually submit your instructor videos to get tips geared specifically to the areas that you’re struggling in!