Learn To Play Guitar

Learn to Play Guitar

There are thousands, if not millions of guitar players worldwide. There are definitely millions more who always thought playing a musical instrument would be great, but have either tried to learn and failed, or never got to the point where they wanted to pick one up. So why is this the case? Is learning to play the guitar that hard? 

For some, the process of building up calluses can be enough to get them to quit, others can’t seem to learn to strum, there is always a group that doesn’t get it on the first attempt so they give up, but the last group, the ones who can’t find a good teacher or guitar program, are the ones we are concerned about. 

With the power of video and the availability of guitar lessons and guitar learning software there is no reason that you can’t learn to play if you want to. Even here there can be a problem though. There are simply to many programs online for a beginner guitar player to choose from. 

We are here to help. We’ve looked through, shopped, and taken lessons from a TON of online guitar courses to figure out which ones are the best investment for you, and most likely to get you the results you’re looking for! 

Our Recommendations: Guitar Lessons Online

1. Jam Play

It is a big statement to say that JamPlay might be the most complete online guitar lessons resource there is, but you’d be hard pressed to find one better. 

Not only do they have a very impressive list of Acoustic, Electric and Bass specific teachers doing a wide variety of lessons, but they’ve got an amazing list of performing artists like Bumblefoot(GnR), Joel Kosche(Collective Soul), Guthrie Trapp, and Glen Drover (Megadeth) that have made videos teaching some of their most famous songs!

To add to the over 400 lessons from 87 different teachers JamPlay has developed a really cool community aspect. Complete with the ability to create a profile, add friends, see popular members, and participate on a forum full of great information, think of it like Facebook, without all the annoying parts!

Maybe the best thing is that JamPlay’s paid memberships are in line with most other online guitar lessons. With what they offer they could easily be charging much more for this service! 

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2. ArtistWorks

We recommend people check out ArtistWorks for every single instrument we cover, and the guitar is no different. 


There are two things that make Artistworks a very special platform. The first thing is they have dedicated programs to multiple different styles of guitar playing. If you love Rock, or Country, or want to concentrate on fingerpicking, there are individual courses for each of these. Almost all of them start very basic, but then get more detailed and specialized as the lessons get more advanced. 

The next thing is the Video Exchange Learning platform they’ve developed. You actually get to submit videos of you playing and working through the lessons and these top notch teachers will give you specific guidance to help you improve. This is so much more helpful than general tips that could apply to anyone, or may skip the detail you need to improve. 

As we stated above, we recommend ArtistWorks for any and every instrument, and you could do much, much worse that choosing this platform to help you learn the guitar! Oh… and they have free beginner lessons to “test out” their program!

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3. Express Guitar

Mike Hayes has done a great job putting together an affordable collection of over 140 lessons that are focused on making learning the guitar as simple and fun as possible. 

He has also trimmed all his lessons down to 10 minute ‘clips’ so that you can spend as little time as possible watching the video and more time actually practicing. 

Express Guitar

Express Guitar actually consists of two different courses, one for novice players and one for advanced guitar players. The beginner package is filled with a Guitar 101 package, 50 hit songs, a Personal Trainer program, a Lead Guitar Super Chops system, and a Virtual Band Jam setup! 

For those who don’t want to go the monthly payment route of ArtistWorks or JamPlay this is the best one time cost program we could find. Mike boasts a 92% rate of players continue after their first year using this system!!!

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