Our Favorite Artistically Stunning Luna Ukuleles

In the current world of instrument manufacturing, where so many Ukes look very similar, no one will mistake the Luna Ukuleles. 

Luna was co-founded by an artist, Yvonne ​de Villiers, who not only wanted to make instruments that were pieces of art, but ones that had soul. She set out to create a tribe of people who played Luna, not just a bunch of customers. 

Luna’s Ukuleles range from colorful and vibrant to simple. A model like the Luna Honu (to the right) has an elegant but understated design, while something like the Great Wave Concert (pictured with the Concert Ukes) is colorful and will be noticed by everyone who sees it. 

Luna Honu Concert Ukulele

Image courtesy of Amazon

We will start by looking at the different sizes Ukulele that Luna offers, followed by specific recommendations! 

Luna Ukulele Sizes 

Luna has done an amazing job offering selections in each of the normal size ranges for Ukuleles, plus a few extras like their pineapple ukes.

Luna Soprano Ukulele​

The traditional size of the Ukulele, Luna offers multiple models in this size. Not only that, but you’ll find it’s selection of Pineapple Ukes at this size! 

Luna Great Wave Ukulele

Image courtesy of Amazon

Luna Concert Ukulele​

The Concert size is one of the more popular, being slightly bigger than the Soprano but more traditionally sized than the Tenor or Baritone. 

Luna offers a great selection of concert sized Ukuleles, currently offering over 20 different models. ​This includes the “Great Wave”, pictured on the left. 

Luna Tenor Ukulele​

This might be the perfect middle ground if you are undecided. The slightly bigger build gives this size group a full sound, but no where near the bulk of a full size guitar. 

Luna Baritone Ukulele​

This is the largest of the standard Ukulele sizes, being close to the size of a travel guitar. If you’re transitioning from guitar this might be a perfect option, especially since it can be tuned exactly like the bottom four stings of a guitar!

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Now that you know what you’re looking at, lets get to the specific recommendations! 

Luna Soprano Ukulele

Our Recommendation:  Luna Aurora Soprano Ukulele

This fun little Ukulele is perfect for kids or those young at heart. You can also pick the “Faerie” art for the face! 

As a bonus many vendors on Amazon offer a gig bag, tuner, or beginner package with this Ukulele to get you equipped with whatever you need! 

Luna Aurora Ukulele

Image courtesy of Amazon

Runner Up:  Luna Vintage Mahogany Red Satin

If the graphics on the Aurora are a bit to bright, colorful, and attention grabbing for your tastes we understand. The clean, sharp, and elegant finish of the Vintage Red Satin might be exactly what you’re looking for. 

Luna Concert Ukulele

Our Recommendation:  Luna Exotic Series Spalt Maple Concert Ukulele

Luna Exotic Series Spalt Maple

Image courtesy of Amazon

The finish touch for this Ukulele is Splat Maple and it is simply stunning. The exotic series also has a Olive Ash Burl and a Maple Burl option that are both beautiful in their own right. The crescent moon sound hole adds the finishing touch of style to this Uke. 

The rare tonewoods used for these Ukes also give them a beautifully light, airy sound that fits perfect with the tropical traditions of the instrument. 

Runner Up: Luna Honu Mahogany Ukulele

Pictured in the introduction to our article, this simple, elegant design is a great first Ukulele. The price is also a bit more appealing than that of the Exotic Series. 

Luna Tenor Ukulele

Our Recommendation:  Luna High Tide 8-String Tenor Ukulele

If you’ve ever heard the distinctive ring of a 12-string guitar you know what an amazingly full sound it produces. The 8-string Ukulele is no less special! A little harder to play than a normal 4-string, but well worth it once it’s mastered. 

A full Mahogany body matched with an onboard preamp, rosewood fretboard, and satin finish make this an instrument that is truly enjoyable to play. 

Runner Up:  Luna Tribal Tenor Ukulele

This mahogany bodied Uke is adorned with traditional Pacific carving inspired designs. The Tribal series pays homage to the islands that gave us the Ukulele. 

Luna High Tide 8 String Ukulele

Image courtesy of Amazon

Luna Baritone Ukulele

Our Recommendation:  Luna Bass Ukulele 

Luna Bass Ukulele - Black

Image courtesy of Amazon

Even a brand like Luna can’t resist the temptation to make a stylish gloss black instrument. The spruce top, mahogany sides, and Flatwound strings combine for the deep sound this instrument produces. 

Thanks to the built-in Preamp this Ukulele can be played acoustically or plugged in and really amplified. 

Runner Up:  Luna Tattoo 6-string Baritone Ukulele

Is this a guitar or is this a Ukulele? 

We aren’t sure. But we do know it’s fun to play and has the ‘tattoo’ design that Luna is known for. Definitely not a traditional instrument which is part of it’s charm. 

Wrap Up 

While Luna isn’t the most well known Ukulele manufacturer, nor do they compete with some brands on the high-end models, they make truly beautiful, quality instruments. 

We have no doubt Luna will continue to make instruments that inspire, and we will upgrade our choices as they come out with new models! ​