Why Magic Fluke Ukuleles are in a Class All Their Own

Generally speaking, if you told us a Ukulele was made with a plastic body, neck, and fretboard I wouldn’t be excited. Add a laminated wood top and we’d probably assume you were talking about a cheap Chinese knock-off. Unless, of course, you told me it was one of the great little Magic Fluke Ukuleles. 

The Fluke Ukulele started shipping in 1999 with a unique and original take on traditional Ukulele design. ​A few years later the Flea began production with the same materials and style. 

Both the Flea and the Fluke are made with a plastic thermoformed body and a laminated wood top. ​This combination enables the instruments to produce a much more authentic, fuller sound than plastic Ukes can pull off. 

They also share the companies standard molded polycarbonate fingerboard and bridge. While many may feel this is a detractor, it actually ​guarantees perfect intonation!

On most of their models the uniquely shaped headstock and neck are made out of solid maple.​

Magic Fluke Sizes 

The flea and fluke are really only made in one size each, so we’ll cover them and quickly touch on the “Firefly” which is their banjo uke. 

The Flea Ukulele

The Flea Ukulele comes in a 14” soprano or a 15.5” concert size. The shape of the Flea lends itself to generous string spacing. Thanks to the plastic back both models weigh in right around 1lbs. 

Magic Fluke Flea Ukulele

The Fluke Ukulele

Magic Fluke Ukulele

The ukulele that started the movement. The Fluke comes in the traditional concert size and recently the tenor size. The body size for both is the same, but the concert has a 15.5” scale length, while the tenor is 17”. Both sizes are able to handle GCEA tuning as well as High D tuning, making it fun and versatile!

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Now, time for our recommendations! 

Magic Fluke Flea Ukulele

Our Recommendation: Magic Fluke Co Flea Designer Surf Concert Ukulele

The designer series comes with custom designs by Evelyn Drew. You have nearly 30 options to choose from so shop around! One of our favorites is the Surf. The red and wood tone mixture is the perfect balance of style and tradition for us. The Seacliff Beach and Honu Walnut also get two thumbs up! 

Magic Fluke Co Flea Designer Surf

Image courtesy of Amazon

Runner Up: Magic Fluke Co Flea M30 Ukulele Natural

This Ukulele could be mistaken for the early models of the Flea. It’s natural finish combined with the signature headstock make this a great choice for new Uke players and experienced pros alike. 

Magic Fluke Ukulele

Our Recommendation: Magic Fluke Co Fluke Designer Floral Mango Tenor Ukulele

Magic Fluke Co Fluke Designer Floral Mango Tenor Ukulele

Image courtesy of Amazon

Just like the Flea Designer series, with the Fluke designer you have a wide range of options for colorful patterns, custom artwork, or natural wood looks. As an added bonus, you can now get custom printing or laser engraving if you’d rather go that direction. 

Both the tenor and concert sizes provide amazing sound and years of fun with this durable, great sounding instrument.  

Runner Up:  Magic Fluke M10 Natural Ukulele

It is hard to find a better Ukulele under $200. This instrument sounds great and is everything you’d expect from the Magic Fluke Co. 

Wrap Up

If you are looking for a fun instrument that is extremely durable then the Magic Fluke Company’s offerings are right up your ally.