Mindful Guitar Practice with Mike Philippov

How many guitar sites can you name that have a great selection of videos showing how to play different songs or riffs? We can think of a half dozen right off the top of our heads. Even most of the best of these don’t talk much about how to effectively practice guitar. 

Enter ​PracticeGuitarNow.

The guitar teacher running this site is Mike Philippov, and his site is dedicated to making sure you are making the most of your practice time. 

Not only does he have a large selection of free videos and articles to help you improve, but he has a couple paid courses around practice and scales. 

We wanted to interview Mike because of his unique approach to teaching guitar online. His answers did not disappoint. 


Interview with Mike Philippov

StringVibe: Your courses stress the need to “practice guitar perfectly”. How did you come up with this method?

Mike: Practicing guitar perfectly is not a “method”, it’s a necessity for anyone who wants to play guitar well and make rapid progress. Anyone who practices guitar wants to make more progress and faster progress. My course helps guitarists learn how to do exactly that.

What is the biggest mistake you see beginners making when learning to play guitar? What should they do instead?

The biggest general mistake is learning without a guitar teacher to guide them. The biggest mistake relating to practicing is focusing too much on what your hands and fingers are doing, vs. what your brain is focused on (or not focused on). Mindless practicing is the #1 guitar practice mistake that holds guitarists back from making rapid progress. Guitar practice training tells you what to focus on, when to focus on it and how to focus on it in the right way as you practice.


What bad habits or mistakes do you see most often with professional, or very experienced players?

Not focusing on the foundation of their playing. Many guitarists (even experienced ones) have bad habits in their technique that they aren’t aware of. These bad habits hold back their progress past a certain skill level and result in long-term plateaus. The solution is to invest part of your practice time to refine the foundation of your guitar technique. Look for inefficiencies and bad habits that get in the way of your progress and fix them. When you do, improving your guitar playing becomes much, much easier (at any level).

How many people have benefited from your “Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training”, and will it work for everyone?

Of course, my guitar practice training method work for all guitarists who desire to get better. Anyone can understand and follow them to improve their guitar playing. There is nothing hard about effective guitar practice. It’s simply an acquired skill set and a new way of thinking.

If you could only play one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If I could only play one song and nothing else, I would have quit playing guitar a long time ago 🙂 My goal is to be completely free in my guitar playing so I can learn to play anything I want. My goal with my website: PracticeGuitarNow.com is to empower other guitarists to do exactly the same.



Hope you enjoyed those answers as much as we did! 

Mindfulness is a concept that is talked a lot about in self improvement and some other popular communities today, but ​rarely in relation to music! 

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If you’d like to see more of what Mike has to offer, or learn more about his courses, please check out his site at ​PracticeGuitarNow.