Steven Universe Ukulele Songs for Everyone

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a cartoon that was fun, educational, and had the ukulele? Enter Steven Universe! Even better, Steven Universe ukulele songs are fun and entertaining and a great place for both children and beginners to start learning to play!

If you haven’t heard of the show yet, no worries! We can point you in the right direction to learn more and give you our recommendations for chords to learn and our favorite songs to start with from the show!

What is Steven Universe?

One of the most popular cartoons the kids in recent history is called Steven Universe. This cartoon series features many great adventures as Steven Universe travels around solving problems with his band of friends.

One of the many great things about the show is the great selection of Steven Universe ukulele songs that are played in this series. These songs are an excellent way for people to learn about playing the ukulele and other instruments. These songs also feature many great chords for people starting with this instrument.

The best part about this cartoon is it features many great teaching lessons for children. These lessons revolve around the family and having healthy personal relationships with the people around you. Life is about having great family and friends who will always be there for you when you need them the most. They offer the most critical part of a healthy and balanced life.

The combination of these lessons and the fun, musical nature of the show is a big reason it is so popular. We love introducing children to the ukulele and this is a perfect way to bridge that gap! Kids ukuleles are less expensive than many other instruments and teach a myriad of useful skills and qualities!

Common Steven Universe Ukulele Chords

When it comes to the various Steven Universe ukulele songs, there are many options to choose from. You can learn the different Steven Universe ukulele chords available to become a better player.

There are a few common recurring ukulele songs in this series that can help you learn the chords that they use, both for songs from Steven Universe, and other ukulele songs as well. Knowing a large number of chords and being able to switch between them is the first step to being an impressive ukulele player in your own right!

The best thing about using Steven Universe ukulele chords is that they are so easy to follow. The original writer of these songs is named Rebecca Sugar did a great job making sure of that.

The primary benefit of this is even the most inexperienced player can follow these songs and quickly learn how to play them. This makes it an excellent method of teaching yourself or children how to play the ukulele.

All you have to do is get a cheap ukulele and then start following the chords that you see posted from these songs. We’ve linked to chord charts for each of our favorite Steven Universe uke songs, but many other ones can be found in various places online.

Top 5 Steven Universe Ukulele Songs

When it comes to the top five Steven Universe Ukulele songs, there are many great ones, so you have to think long and hard before you choose the one that could be considered the best. This list is highly debatable, but they are five that we feel confident in recommending for both beginners and children learning to play!

Here are the five that will make it very easy for you to learn to play the ukulele and enjoy yourself while doing it. These Steven Universe songs are entertaining and creative, so you will have a blast every time you get started.


Change is a song that about the importance of changing to be better, and the music is easy to learn for someone trying to get better with the ukulele. It is an exceptionally fun and exciting song as well.

Change Your Mind

Change Your Mind is all about the good and bad of changing your mind when you learn to play the song. It is a relatively short song for the ukulele.

Being Human

This is a Steven Universe song all about, you guessed it, being human. It talks about the struggles and tribulations of life.

Be Wherever You Are

This is a song that talks about happiness wherever you are. You are unlikely to be in the perfect spot all the time, so make the best of what you can!

What Can I Do

The last song on the list, What Can I Do, is all about helping out your friends, family and neighbors and being there for those in need.

The Final Note

Steven Universe is a fun show that promotes playing music, and the ukulele specifically, which instantly makes it a winner in our book!

While you may be able to find the show still on Cartoon Network, as we write this both HBOMax and Hulu have episodes available to stream!